How to Send Thanksgiving Gifts Your Clients Will Love.

How to Send Thanksgiving Gifts Your Clients Will Love.

Sending gifts to new and returning clients can build and improve trusting relationships. Gifts should be thoughtful, but also speak a little about you or your brand. 

Gifts don't always have to put a dent in your budget. Thanksgiving is the time when families and friends gather together to give thanks. This holiday is also the perfect time to give back to your clients, to be grateful for their trust and to sow the seeds of an everlasting relationship. Sending gifts on holidays such as Thanksgiving or New Years can personalize their experience and increase return-on-investment for you. 

When sending gifts to clients, a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Always add that personal touch: Branding is important, but so is that personal note you added to the card. 
  • Keep client preferences in mind: this is especially true if sending edibles. Canada is as diverse as it gets - with people of multiple ethnicities, cultures and with a variety of food preferences. 
  • Avoid overdoing branding: branding is good, you want your business to be noticed. However, if sending merchandise, avoid plastering your logo on every item. Subtle, but direct is key. 


Here, we round up a few of our favorite items. 

1. Baked Goods

You cannot go wrong with baked goods. We suggest this delicious apple and caramel twist from Cobs Bread, an apple or blueberry pie from Monastery or some a cookie sampling box. 

     2. Tea Samplers

    David's Tea has some great options for tea samplers. Our favorite ones are the pumpkin everything kit and the chai lovers kit.

    3. Gift Cards

    When thinking of gifts to send to your customers, don't discount the value of a gift card. The best thing about gift cards is that you can tailor them to meet the preferences of your client. A simple thank you card and a gift card to their favorite coffee shop will have you in their good books for a long time. 

    4. Custom Merchandise

    Gifting merchandise, such as water bottles, leather notebooks, leather bookmarks, toiletry bag is the oldest trick in the book. These items are  useful everyday items, and adding your branding to it can help personalize the experience for your client. 

    5. A Greeting Card

    Simple, heartfelt and precise. When you're low on budget or time, but still want to let your client know that you're thinking of them, send a greeting card with a personal message inside.



    Hassle-free corporate gifting begins with us! Your clients are equally important to us. Send us an e-mail and let us handle the rest. Finalizing gifts and sending them to each client can be stressful. Gift Owls takes charge of that, and makes sure your clients receive their gift boxes on time, stress-free. 


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